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We are a Texas and federal importer, distributor, and wholesaler, established in 2005. 


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Established in 2005




Learn a little more about where we do business and the opportunities that the great state of Texas has to offer:


texas population

26.96 million

It's the 2nd most populous state in the United States after California, ahead of Florida, New York, and Illinois. (Source: 2014 US Census data)



houston population

2.296 million

It is the 4th largest behind New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and ahead of Philadelphia. (Source: Population2016.com)


us ranking of

Largest Cities in Texas

Houston is #4 in the United States. The others are as follows: #7 San Antonio, #9 Dallas, #11 Austin, #16 Fort Worth, #19 El Paso, #50 Arlington, #58 Corpus Christi, #69 Plano, #82 Laredo, #83 Lubbock, #91 Garland, #93 Irving (Source: Census.gov)



texas permit


There are approximately 2,500+ liquor retailer permits in Texas, according to the TABC. As far as mixed beverage permits, there are over four times that at approximately 11,200+ licenses. 


houston, texas

Population: 2.296 million


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Brands We Carry

Here is a selection of brands that we currently offer, as well as, those coming soon. We are proud partners to a wide array of premium liquor brands, spanning many different categories such as: vodkas, apertifs, tequilas, and more.